Passion led us to here


Health & Wealth is founded in 2019 and has a significant experience and customer base in the financial services sector.

Health & Wealth has established all online services during this pandemic and provides maximum services to all our customers. This has helped us to continue with our services and increase customer satisfaction

The company has conceived to innovate and explore new markets through research and the creation of new brands to market, characterized by elegance and innovation in combination with utility and practicality that is what is unique about Health & Wealth.

Health & Wealth offers a complete solution for individual financial services. We take pride in our ability to understand customer requirements and deliver solutions that meet customer expectations. Health & Wealth is led by professionals with experience in financial planning, investment instruments, and providing goal-based solutions with different financial instruments available in the market.


  1. Short-term financial planning
  2. Long-term financial planning
  3. Goal-Based financial planning
    • Children’s Education
    • Children’s Marriage
  4. Retirement planning
    • Early Retirement
    • Monthly income plan
  5. Insurances
    • Life Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Travel Insurance
    • Vehicle Insurance